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Investigating the strange mystery on Mars by Walt Barrett SEGMENT 18

Segment 18
Four Earth  hours later Jennifer and Molly returned to the drone operations center where the reports were already steadily coming in.  Flight commander Probus reports that there does not appear to be a single trace of  the Robot security ships protecting the planet  and that all of the robotic mining equipment is also missing.

This is the end of this particular set of notes for the Jennifer Starfield Series ©2013, 2014, 2015.  Our plan is to publish a series of short stories and books directed towards the teenage market.  They will be available as down loadable electronic books at reasonable prices starting in 2016.
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The Adventures of Jennifer Starfield - Closing in on Mars by Walt Barrett Segment 17 © 2015

  June 15 2015 I am feeling much better and this segment has been added to and re edited.
Right now we are in the 31st century and about to orbit Mars.  Our ship and all of our computers are the "Boss" type which are the most powerful AI computers in the Universe and having human intelligence.
Now we resume our story.
 Jennifer has returned to her day room where Molly is just finishing up her conversation with her android twin back on Earth back in 1910.
Jennifer says, "Come on Molly, I have some Androids that I want you to meet."
Molly, getting to her feet says, "Where are we going?" Jennifer replies, "To the Android weapons and technicians bay. I want you to meet the squadron that I have activated through the Boss computer to solve whatever the problem is on Mars."  They took the lift down several levels to the weapons and technicians bay and walked down the corridor. Jennifer pressed a button next to a very large sliding door. The door slid silently into the wall that was surrounding it.  Molly stared into the open door and was startled to see that the room appeared to be empty.  "What's going on" she said,"the room is empty!" Jennifer laughed, "I just thought that I would give you little surprise.  Imagine how our uninvited guests are going to feel. OK, Androids, make yourself visible."  Suddenly the room was filled with the strangest collection of machine/creatures that Molly had ever seen. There were no machines like these in the factories back in Saylesville.  It was frightening to her!  Jennifer said "Don't be afraid Molly.  Our Androids won't hurt you. They all can make themselves invisible and they are also shape shifters with four pairs of eye sensors for 360 degree infrared range finding night or day vision. They each also have a built in Boss computer and unlimited power from double backup Blue Crystal power packs. And they can get in and out of tight places when necessary. There is no way to hide from them.
"Molly said "It's a good thing that you enhanced my brain with that special chip or I wouldn't have the vaguest idea what you are talking about!"
Jennifer laughed, "I want you to meet the leader android that you will be monitoring during the scouting mission to the blue crystal mining complex.  Come on over here and meet Probus 1." Jennifer is pointing to a round globe shaped android that is hovering several feet above the deck.
Jennifer says, "Probus,  I want you to meet Molly Sterling. She also has a twin Molly Stirling android  back on Earth in 1910."  Probus responds in a friendly voice, "Hello Molly Sterling.  I'm very pleased to meet you and I have you and your android down as a friend in my memory. I will track you and protect you. So will all the other Boss computers. We are all linked together. I know that Commander Starfield shared that information with you.It will be a pleasure to serve with you."
Molly replies, "Thank you Probus."
Jennifer says, "Well we are going to be in full alert orbit around Mars in approximately four hours.  At that time Probus I want you to take 100 invisible, fully combat ready scouts, use the automated planet search program and search the entire planet for any signs of  life, other space ships, androids or anything else out of the ordinary and report it at once. Do not harm any one.  We just want to find out what's going on down there. Now go ahead and brief your scouts and be leave as soon as possible.  

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The Adventures of Jennifer Starfield - Molly Sterling checks on the family back home. Segment 16 by Walt Barrett © 2015

Segment 16 page 49 © 2015 Walt Barrett

Molly continued on talking to Molly Android back on Earth. It seems that the medical repair chips the androids had implanted in her family were working were working just fine and her family was looking better and getting stronger every day. Molly's father was feeling so much better that he was getting many inspirational ideas to make the farm run more efficiently. The family was starting to get ahead financially.
It seems that Mr. Stirling had invented a wind powered turbine that powered a dynamo that pumped water and lit lights for their home and when other people found out about many wealthy residents of the area when they found out they wanted the system and it was
selling rapidly throughout the southern new england areas that were still without electricity. He was getting rich! Sterling had contracted several manufacturers to build the parts that he was designing. He then had his own people assembling the parts in a rented factory.
In actuality, Molly Android was keeping him just far enough out in front of the current technology to get rich without arousing the suspicion of the scientists of the day. She was feeding electric impulses into his brain as he slept. The electronic chips that the androids had implanted in him were starting to educate him in advanced technologies. It would not be long before she introduced him to the world of subcontracting where he could design the various parts he needed and let someone else worry about making them. It would not be long before he built an assembly plant that would build the various products that he would invent. Molly Android was certainly taking very good care of the Sterling family!
Meanwhile, Molly Sterling back on the spaceship heading for Mars was very pleased to hear all the good news from Molly Android back on earth in 1910.
Just then Jennifer returned to the day room and said, I see that you are getting used to working with the “Boss Computer.” Molly replied, “Yes well it's really quite simple, all I have to do is talk to it and tell it what I need.” Jennifer said,” the main thing to remember is that each “Boss Computer” is always in contact with every other computer in our entire system and the “Boss” can locate any of our human or robot crew at all times. If you ever have an emergency you can mentally signal the “Boss” at all times.”

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The Adventures of Jennifer Starfield Draft of first 50 pages by Walt Barrett © 2014 - 2015

This is the first 50 pages in order.  The segments are all in order for ease of reading. This is not the final draft. Characters and scenes will be added and approximately 45,000 more words.There will be a book and a movie script when the project is finished.
© Walt Barrett 2014 - 2015

The Adventures of Jennifer Starfield All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.

About the past, the present and the future  

First installment

Segment 1

It all started May 8th 1910 in rural northern Rhode Island. It was an exciting summer for Molly Sterling because Molly was very interested in science and there had been several stories in the local newspaper about the appearance of Haley's Comet. Molly had been forced to leave school at age 14 and had already been working for over four years in a local textile mill. She was an avid reader and continued to educate herself as best that she could. Molly wanted to be a science teacher, but she was the oldest of eight children and her parents who ran a large dairy farm needed her to work in the mill to help support their growing family. School would have to wait.

It was Sunday and Molly had the day off from the textile mill. Her plan was that after she finished her Sunday farm chores she would walk to the very high hill which was actually the rear pasture of their farm where there were no trees and it was so high that she could see for miles in all directions.

Late Sunday afternoon Molly told her mother that she was going to climb the hill in the back pasture so she could try to see Halley's Comet because it only came by once every 76 years and she did not want to miss it. Her dad advised here that she would need to get a lantern and matches from the barn so that she could return safely in the dark. Her mom advised her to wear a warm Jacket as the evenings were still quite cool in May. Molly gathered up her jacket, a small kerosene lantern, and some cardboard paper matches and started off to climb the hill in the back pasture.

Her parents watched her in the distance as she climbed the hill in the last light of day as she had done so many times before on her adventures to gaze at the stars. Molly had climbed the to the top of the hill in the back pasture where she could get a clear view of the southern horizon. As the daylight totally faded into blackness the stars were literally popping out of the sky at her. Finally, she spotted the comet. It's tail streaming for millions of miles. Molly was thinking to herself how lucky that she was to have seen Halley's comet because it would be another 76 years before the comet would come back again and the chances of her still being alive and able to see it were slim to nothing. It had gotten quite dark and Molly was thinking that it was time to light the lantern and start down the hill to the farmhouse. Suddenly he noticed a very bright light on the horizon and it was coming right towards her. Molly had heard stories before about strange lights in the sky and rumors of people from other worlds. No one never talked about the subject very much and there seemed to be a conspiracy of silence regarding the entire subject. Molly stood frozen as the light drew closer until it stopped right over her head just hovering there.

Molly could not move. She was totally captivated by the strange glowing light that warmed her in the chill of the springtime evening.  Suddenly a beam of light shot out of the glowing object and surrounded Molly. Molly felt herself getting very sleepy.  She was frightened and then she blacked out.

When Molly woke up she found herself in an unfamiliar room that seemed to be lit by glowing walls and a glowing ceiling. She was sitting in strange kind of soft chair. There were several of them in the room. The glowing light and the soft chair made her feel very relaxed and strangely comfortable. Then Molly realized that there was a young woman sitting opposite her in one of the chairs. She told Molly that her name was Jennifer Starfield and that she was there to be her friend and to cure her from a serious health problem.
Next – Molly takes a trip to the future with Jennifer Starfield.

Jennifer's Ship is next
Just a reminder that the character Jennifer Starfield © 2014 and all the material in this book/story is copyrighted.  Anyone seeking publishing, television or film rights should contact  This material is part of an ongoing series and subject to editing and added photos.
Now let's find out who Jennifer Starfield really is.
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Segment 2 has been deleted permanently.

Segment 3
Who Jennifer Starfield really is.
Jennifer Starfield is an ageless time traveler from the 31st century. She is from an extremely advanced civilization where every one's body is embedded with highly radical technology including micro electronic devices for medical monitoring and total treatment. Medical micro-robots, Brain implants including perfect vision and infra red vision, lightening fast reflexes, enhanced super intelligence and knowledge, limitless skill sets, photographic high speed memory and built in electronic weaponry that with one touch can render her opponents unconscious for hours.
She also has a particle physics implant which allows her to change dimensions, shapes or size and can literally walk through walls made from any material. The total weight of these micro devices is
5 grams including the power supply that is powered by particle physics technology. Jennifer's medical implants can detect any sickness, disease or injury immediately and manufacture a cure including cells as needed. She has the ability to regenerate any and all body parts. Her brain implant can manufacture unlimited brain cells and constantly maintain and upgrade her brain. She can send and receive messages telepathically anywhere in space and time including instant upgrades to her knowledge base with no time delay. It even tells her what to eat each day to supply the minerals and vitamins she needs to keep her body and electronics operating properly. Jennifer's medical electronics constantly monitor her entire body and brain and sweep it clear of any unhealthy buildups, debris, viruses, diseases or bacteria.  Jennifer Starfield is truly a person from the future.
Jennifer explains to Molly

Jennifer Starfield explains the situation to Molly Stirling by Walt Barrett © 2014 Segment 4

Segment 4
Jennifer explains the situation to Molly
It's 1910 and Molly Sterling doesn't know that the nice comfortable room she is sitting in is really inside a space ship that is capable of traveling backwards and forwards through time.
Jennifer asked Molly if she had ever read a book called “The Time Machine” written by H. G. Wells that was published in 1895. Molly said yes she had and it was very interesting. Jennifer asked Molly if she believed in time travel and Molly said yes. Jennifer then tells Molly that the room that they are sitting in is part of a real time machine that travels through space and it was built by a very advanced civilization that had lived on the Earth for thousands of years and that it was not like the fictional make believe time machine in the book. Jennifer was watching Molly closely and gauging her reactions to the startling disclosure she had just made to her. After all, this was 1910 and Molly's farm house didn't have electricity, indoor plumbing or running water. Molly appeared to be holding up well under the overload of new information. Jennifer Asked Molly if she believed her ship could fly through space and time and Molly said yes she did because she had climbed the hill to star gaze many times before and had seen the colored lights in the sky that could only be space ships.
Then Jennifer told Molly that she had fainted just as Jennifer's ship had landed on the hill top. Jennifer said that she was very concerned and had transported her on board the ship which was something that she did not usually do. She told Molly that she wouldn't understand, but she had done what was called an electronic medical scan of her entire body while Molly was unconscious. She told Molly there was a problem in her brain, but not to worry because it could easily be fixed and it would not hurt a bit. Molly asked what would happen if she did not cure her brain and Jennifer answered that she would eventually die.
Molly thought about that for a minute then she said that said she had better do it then, but what would she tell her parents, she had already been gone a long time. Jennifer said not to worry because after Molly was cured she would return her back to the hill top and it would be like no time has passed at all and Molly could just walk down the hill and return home like nothing ever happened. Molly decided to let Jennifer go ahead and heal her, but she wanted to know what Jennifer was going to do to her.
How Jennifer Starfield heals Molly Sterling

Segment 5   
Jennifer led Molly down a long corridor and opened the door to another room. It was just a normal size room with just one narrow padded table in the center. Jennifer told Molly to lie down on the table and relax while a piece of equipment that was fastened to the end of the table scanned her. Molly asked if she was going to be operated on and Jennifer told her that this was the 31st century and there were no more operations. Surgery had been replaced by medical implants and scanner beams several hundred years ago. The machine at the end of the bench was going to scan Molly and do the implants in a matter of minutes. When the implants were installed Molly would be healed and be much stronger and much more intelligent. She would also be an average 31st century woman who would be returning to the 21st century with the most intelligent brain and most healthy body of that time, but she could never tell anyone because there was no telling the 20th century scientists of 1910 would do to her with their experiments and as it was they couldn't even cure a common cold.
Jennifer asked Molly if she was ready and Molly said she was. Jennifer told Molly to lie still for a minute and then she turned on the scanning machine. The machine gripped Molly in a magnetic field that held here perfectly still and it began to scan her entire body.
It moved down from her head to Next
her toes while stopping now and then and aiming different colored beams of light at her body. The medical scanner was actually beaming  fully compatible  medical micro robots and micro electronic control and memory chips directly into Molly's body. Molly would never need a doctor again.
The New Molly Sterling © 2014 Walt Barrett
Segment 6
Jennifer told Molly that she could get up off the scanning table now and she asked Molly how she felt. Molly said that she never felt better in her life! Jennifer said good, Let's go back to the Salon where she could relax while Jennifer explained what changes had been made to Molly's mind and body. Jennifer told Molly that now that Molly had been scanned she would be much more able to understand What Jennifer was about to tell her. She said that Molly would be gradually learning many things from the knowledge base chip that was implanted in her brain. She must keep all information about the future to herself. Jennifer said that they were on board a space ship that could travel through space, time, and dimensions. It could be made invisible at any time for security purposes and it could travel at any speed. She told Molly that she could now understand all of this technology because of the expanded memory chips in her brain.  A micro medical scanner was also implanted along with micro robots that patrolled her bloodstream through her entire body and brain. The robots were able to make instant repairs to all the organs of her body.  Over the next several weeks her bones and muscles would become much stronger. The micro robots would be converting part of her food intake into exotic metals and carbon derivatives and depositing them into her bones and muscles to replace weaker materials and make her body stronger. Her skin would become cosmetically perfect and more impervious to damage. This is how all women and men were designed in the 31st century. Jennifer asked Molly if she understood and Molly said yes she did. Jennifer Told Molly that all she had to do to reach her was to think about her and call her in her mind and Jennifer would answer back with her mind. They now shared a telepathic connection. Jennifer told Molly that her current job was to patrol this sector and be aware of all the goings on.  If anything unusual happened to report it to central command at once. Molly asked Jennifer what kind of things could be happening and Jennifer answered that there could be epidemics, plagues, natural disasters, alien intruders, meteor strikes and any number of other things that she might never have heard of before. For example, in June 1908 an object was heading for a major city in Russia and Jennifer's ship was patrolling the area. It was assigned to divert the object to an uninhabited part of Siberia and blast it to bits at several miles above the Earth. It was Jennifer's job to follow orders and do whatever had to be done to end these threats.
Jennifer told Molly that she was going to send her back pretty soon, but wanted her to have an energy drink first to boost her strength.  It had been a long evening for her, being scanned and all.
A cart with two large glasses on a tray silently rolled into the salon and stopped between their chairs. Jennifer told Molly to help herself and picked up the other glass. You will find this very pleasant she told Molly. Molly tasted the drink and found it to be excellent. When they were finished Jennifer told Molly it was time for her to go home and that she would be contacting her soon. Jennifer reminded Molly never to tell anyone or they would think that she had lost her mind.
Jennifer then told Molly she was going to put her outside again and Molly was to take one last look at Halley's comet and then pick up her  lantern and Jacket and walk back down the hill. She would arrive home on time like nothing had ever happened. No one would ever realize that Molly had gone missing.
Jennifer takes Molly on an adventure
Jennifer takes Molly on an adventure Segment 7
It was several days since Jennifer had first met Molly Sterling and had given Molly superhuman powers that Molly could never have dreamed of. Jennifer was parked in orbit over the farm where Molly lived in Northern Rhode Island where she could watch over her and monitor the signals that her newly integrated electrical parts were emitting. So far, Molly was OK and had not told anyone about her bizarre experience of meeting Jennifer on the top of Mound Hill several days ago.
Jennifer was getting ready to do her daily sector report to her commander back at Rachel City. Her commander was expecting her to call and she had already told him about Molly the previous morning. The commander asked Jennifer what she thought of Molly and Jennifer said that Molly was fine so far although all of her systems had not come on line yet. Jennifer reckoned it would take at least another week for all of Molly's systems to fully function. 
The commander said to bring Molly to Rachel city for a visit that evening so he could see how she reacted to the future. Jennifer said that she would do that. That afternoon while Molly was walking home she heard Jennifer's voice in her mind and Molly answered just by thinking the words. Jennifer said that they had to take a trip for the evening because there were some people that wanted to meet her. Molly said OK and that she would walk up the hill after dinner, but where were they going? Jennifer told Molly that they were going to her home city in Rachel, Nevada in the 31st century, but not to worry and she would find it very interesting.
That evening Molly walked up the hill where Jennifer was waiting for her and suddenly Molly found herself inside the space ship. The two of them went back to the salon and made themselves comfortable. Jennifer said that she wanted to explain about Rachel City and the 31st century to her. She told Molly that the city would appear very different to her mostly because they would be 1000 years into the future. Everyone had electricity now and many more machines were operated electrically. There would also be many more bright lights in the evening. This was all because some very smart scientists had figured out how to easily extract electricity from particles that were flying around freely all over the universe. Molly asked Jennifer why their headquarters were in Nevada. Molly said that she had read in a magazine that Nevada was just a big dry desert. Jennifer told Molly it was not a desert anymore and that some other smart scientists had invented machines that took in gases from the atmosphere and using all the free electricity available they could convert the atmosphere into as much water as they needed. Nevada was now full of lakes and gardens.
There were farms that were run by robots that grew and packaged

fruit and vegetables day after day and they were in many parts of the country. Most cities had their own robot fresh food gardens There was free power everywhere and no one worked anymore.  There were even robots who designed and built the robots. Everything was delivered instantly by large transport space ships that were also operated by robots. No one worked unless they wanted to. Work was now a form of recreation for those who wanted it. The robot machines were everywhere and they did everything. People were free to paint, invent, sculpt, make movies or music or do anything they wanted to do. 
 Jennifer suddenly stopped talking and said that they had arrived and it was time to tour the city and then to meet the commander.
Segment 8
Jennifer tours the city and meets the commander.
Segment 8 ©2014 Walt Barrett
Molly Meets The Commander
Molly had never seen a city like Rachel before. It was very flat with groups of low buildings spread over acres and acres of green grass,
small lakes and tall groves of trees everywhere. The electric water making machines made more water than they could use. There were families out walking and others were sitting around in groups on benches having discussions and everyone seemed quite contented. It was more like a park than a city. The buildings were very spread out.  There were four wheeled robot carts everywhere and they ran by themselves, stopping at the various groups of people, some to offer transportation and others to offer them food or drink. Jennifer explained that everything was free and that the robots made everything that they needed including their homes and maintained them too. It was all possible because of the free electrical energy. People could now focus on improving themselves. No one really had to work anymore. Jennifer told Molly that it was time to get her some new clothing so she would fit in with the rest of the people while she was visiting. Jennifer took Molly into a long low building with lots of windows in it. It looked like a giant version of the country store back in Molly's home town in the 20th century. There were robotic trams with seats that were lined up just inside the door. Jennifer got on one, sat down, and motioned to Molly to get on and sit down beside her. A voice from the tram said where too, and Jennifer told the robot tram to go to the woman's department and stop at the body scanner. Jennifer told Molly That she was going to get several crew type uniforms similar to her own.
The robot tram stopped and announced that they were at the body scanner. Jennifer and Molly got out in front of the body scanner which was two full length mirrors with scanning lasers on them and placed in a V configuration with a turntable set in the floor between them. Jennifer told Molly to step onto the round plate in the floor, take off the factory dress and stand up straight. Then Jennifer to the machine to scan her. The round plate began to turn as the lasers scanned up and down Molly from head to toe. It turned for one full revolution. A robot voice said ready – what style? Jennifer said 5 full sets of flight crew number 4 everything including undergarments, boots and socks. The robot asked Jennifer where to send the clothing. Jennifer said to send it to number 10 Galaxy Way and asked how long it would be. The robot replied one hour.
Jennifer said that they had to go now to her home and get ready to meet the commander. The robot tram took them back to the entrance. They got off and Jennifer told Molly to follow her into a small room that looked like an elevator and then Jennifer slid the door shut and said 10 Galaxy Way. The next thing Molly knew she was standing in the middle of a beautiful room and Jennifer was welcoming her to her home. Jennifer told Molly that they only had one hour to get ready to meet the commander and that they would have to freshen up, change and transport right over to headquarters.
Headquarters turned out to be a very large anti-gravity space ship about one mile across and it was saucer shaped being about a quarter of a mile thick with many levels in it. Molly reckoned that it was about the biggest thing that she had ever seen. It was hovering silently just a few feet above the ground. Jennifer explained to Molly that it was an anti-gravity machine of the galaxy cruiser class. Molly was practically speechless. Jennifer faced the ship and asked for permission to come aboard and they were instantly transported to the office suite of Commander Cruz. The commander welcomed them and told them to make themselves comfortable. He asked Molly what she thought of the 31st century so far and Molly told him that what she had seen so far was unbelievable, but she thought that she could adjust to it. The commander said that was fair enough and that they would like to offer Molly a chance to enter their society. Molly told the commander that it was a wonderful offer because the only future she had back in 1910 was to work in a textile mill the rest of her life to support her family. The commander told Molly that they realized that, but it would be very easy for them to replace Molly with an android and no one would ever be able to tell the difference. He explained that they did this often bring new genes into their society. Molly asked if she could have a few days to look around the city some more and think things over. Commander Cruz told her to take all the time that she needed.

Segment 9 The Adventures of Jennifer Starfield
Walt Barrett © 2014
It's the 31st Century in the now thriving city, Rachel, Nevada.
Jennifer Starfield had given Molly a very large suite of rooms in her
country home on Galaxy Drive. Molly was relaxing by herself and thinking about her future. It was wonderful. There was an entire wall in one room that was a television screen. Molly had never seen or heard of a television before, but the chip that was implanted in Molly's brain explained to her what made it work and how to operate it. It was all run by voice command. People could talk back to it and could even use it to vote. It had entertainment, education and news. Molly thought. “Whoever heard of such a thing?”
Now Molly had to decide if she would like to spend most of her time in the 31st century with Jennifer Starfield or go back to 1910 where she came from. Molly liked the modern things that she had seen in the city and she liked the clothing and the boots that people wore. She could not even begin to list all the modern conveniences that people had and the homes were like palaces where robots did all the work like cooking and cleaning and laundry. The Robots even ran the farms on the outskirts of the city. There was hot and cold running water and a giant tub in an indoor bathroom. “It was absolutely wonderful!” Molly thought. Thanks to the electronic chips that had been implanted in her brain Molly was as educated as well as anyone in the 31st century and then she thought “What will I do if I stay here?” “Back home in 1910 I have a job six days a week spinning yarn in the yarn mill to keep me busy and all my friends that work in the yarn mill too.” And then Molly thought. “Just because things had always been that way in her lifetime and in her mother's and grandmother's lifetime it didn't mean that things had to be that way for her.” After all, Molly's grandmother had died of a heart attack while tending looms at the textile mill and no family in their town that Molly knew ever had any money or a nice home with things like these people in century 31 had. Molly thought, “Maybe I should stay here, after all, I can still go home and visit. Maybe I'll stay here.”
Then There was a knock on the door and Jennifer said “May I come in?” Molly said “Yes, of course, I'm trying to decide if I should stay here or go back to 1910 and I think that if you can replace me there in 1910 with an Android and If I can visit my family once in a while then I will stay here.” “Good, then it is settled.” Jennifer said. “We'll take you down to the Android works the first thing in the morning for a total body and brain scan; and then there will be a new Molly the factory worker Android while the real Molly Sterling goes on to bigger and better things.” Jennifer was smiling and said “She was very happy that Molly was going to stay and that she would be teaching Molly about the 31st century and that there was a lot for Molly to learn.” Jennifer told Molly “You will be my assistant for at least two years while you learn all about our society and our space fleet operations.” Molly said “thank you, this is very exciting and I won't let you down.”
Jennifer said, “Now that I know for sure that you are going to be with me I have something exciting to tell you.” Molly was on the edge of her chair.  What is it she asked?” Jennifer replied, “I have been asked to take a battle cruiser to the Planet Mars and investigate some irregularities in the robotic mining and smelting operations that we have had going on there.” “No one has visited in over fifty years.”    Molly asked, “When do we leave? ”Jennifer replied, "We leave for Mars in four days, but first we have to drop off your Android replacement and you can visit your family while we are there.” "Tomorrow we'll pick up your Android."
The Android Works Segment 10
by Walt Barrett © 2014
The next morning they woke up early and readied themselves for the day ahead. Jennifer said, “Be sure to bring all the clothing that you were wearing when I picked you up because we are going to the Android Works this morning.” Molly said “Yes I have it all packed and ready.” Then they transported to The Android Works which was run entirely by Androids. When they arrived they were met by an Android named Andrea who said “Welcome Jennifer, welcome Molly, please follow me to the scanning room.” Molly said to Jennifer, “She seems like a regular person to me.” And Jennifer replied, “Well basically she is exactly like a human and you could never tell the difference without special equipment.” Andrea said. “ Come into this room and lie on the scanning table. You will find it very comfortable and it's only going to take about fifteen minutes.” Molly looked at Jennifer and said, “What, another scan?” Jennifer said, “Yes, but this one is a little different. It will copy all of your physical dimensions and it will copy every memory in your brain and transfer them to the Android's new synthetic brain which will actually be more efficient than your normal brain.” Molly asked, “How will it do that?” Andrea answered, “Our scanners use magnetic field pick ups, sonar, radar and laser measuring devices to map and record your entire body inside and out. We will copy your brain and memory right down to the last molecule and your Android will know you better than you know yourself.” “Now we must get started so we can finish today.”
Andrea completed the scan on Molly and said, “ OK, Molly the Android version will deliver herself to your residence in eight hours via the transport and wait for you there.” They thanked Andrea and started towards the nearest transport booth. Jennifer said to molly, “We have to go to the Headquarters right now. I received a Telepathic message from Commander Cruz while you were on the scanner.” They ducked into a transporter station at the entrance of The Android Works and Jennifer said “Space Command” and they were back in gang way of the Galaxy cruiser in an instant. Jennifer told Molly that Commander Cruz had said, “Report to the war room as soon as you arrive.”
Preparing for the War on Mars.

Possible War on Mars ©2014 Walt Barrett
Earth Century 31
Segment 11
   On the way up to the war room Jennifer said, “The only real value that Mars has for us is the rare materials that we mine there. There is no atmosphere for humans to breathe and not enough gravity to hold the atmosphere even if we made one. It's very expensive to keep humans alive on an airless planet and also we don't want to pollute our own atmosphere with the toxic gases from the ore smelters so we smelt the ore here.” 
   Molly, still trying to get over the incredibly wild idea that she would be going to Mars at all asked, “Then why are we even going there? Can't you mine the materials here?” Jennifer said, “No, we cannot find  any of the materials that we need to build the high voltage circuits for the cosmic particle amplifiers that we use to make power. We use very rare metals and the blue crystals.” Molly asked, “Well if people cannot live there how do you find all these materials and then mine them and load them on space ships to bring them here?” 
Jennifer replied, “Everything including the metal refining and smelting is done by advanced robotic machines there on the Planet because it's so much less expensive in the long run not have to maintain life support systems. Machines don't need an atmosphere to operate and by smelting and refining there we save a great deal of cargo space and weight.”
   They entered the war room. Admiral Cruz was talking informally with a group of officers sitting around a large conference table. Cruz stopped in mid sentence and said, “Captain Starfield and Cadet Sterling, welcome. Now that we are all here I will brief you on the situation. We have extensive mining and smelting operations on the planet Mars and we have lost contact with the robot ground operations and the orbiting security ships.” Admiral Cruz continued, “Mars is one of our prime sources of the giant blue carbon crystals that we use in our water recombining machines and in our power generators. There's something going on there and we have to take a galaxy class battle cruiser to be on the safe side and see what's going on. Does anyone have any questions?”
   Jennifer asked, “Could this mean that we are going to be at war Admiral?” Cruz said, “There's always that possibility, unless it turns out that there has been a major power breakdown and if that's the case we'll have to repair it.”
   Admiral Cruz stood up and said, “Captain Starfield will be the mission leader and if that is all then we'll get on with the preparations. We leave in one week and in the meantime Captain Starfield will return to 1910 and put the Molly Stirling replacement Android in place. That will be all for now people.”
   Jennifer said to Molly, “Lets go to patrol cruiser and make sure it's
fully stocked, armed, and ready. After we return the Molly Android we will bring my cruiser here and store it on board in the main hanger.
My patrol cruiser is parked right nearby and we can transport over to save time. We can have the Molly Android transported directly to my patrol cruiser from the Android Works.”
   They transported directly to the control room of Jennifer's cruiser where they were met by an Android crew member.
Jennifer Said, “Molly, this is Lieutenant Greg. He is my first officer and you will find him very helpful.” Molly said, “Hello Lt Greg, it's very nice to meet you.” Greg Replied, “And you the same Cadet Sterling.”
Jennifer said, “Greg knows everything there is to know about all the spaceships in the fleet. It is built into his circuits as we have built it into your brain upgrades. As we travel he and I will familiarize you with the entire ship including how to navigate and maneuver it.
We are waiting for Molly's twin Android to arrive from the Android Works and then we will be setting course for Earth, 1910, the night that we picked her up. Make the time 8 PM. Please see that everything is ready.”
   Jennifer turned to Molly and said, “Now Molly, Your Android copy will be arriving soon. It's going to be like having an identical twin sister. Don't let that throw you. The only difference is that she will have all of your memories since childhood, she will know all of your secrets and she also will have all of the advanced circuits that the rest of us have built into our brains. When she walks down that hill back to the farm your family will never tell the difference from you. She will be you. She knows when to get up in the morning, exactly what she is supposed to do and where to walk to get to work. She already knows everyone that you know and by their first name. She also can do your job better than you can and she never gets tired. I want the two of you to spend some time together so she can study the finer details of your voice and mannerisms.”
   Molly, being a very bright person said, “Don't worry, I understand completely. This enhanced brain treatment that you have given me is excellent. I could never go back to the way that I was.”
Jennifer said, “Great, Your new twin will be here in about an hour. In the meantime you can get some rest.”
Molly's Android goes back to 1910
Segment 12
Molly's Android
   Molly woke up in about an hour after falling asleep in a nice soft chair in the salon. First she saw Jennifer sitting in her chair and then she looked to her right and saw her identical Android twin, except, her twin was dressed in her factory dress that she had on the night she met Jennifer. Molly heard a voice in her head say, “Hi Molly, I'm Molly Android and I'm speaking to you telepathically.”
Molly said, “I understand you and then thought back, can you understand me?”
Molly Android answered, “Yes I can.” 
   Jennifer said, “Both of you speak out loud so that I can compare your voices.” Jennifer continued, “Alright now, here's what's going to happen.” “We're going back to the Sterling Farm in 1910 on the night that Molly and I first met and Molly Android is going to gather up her things she left on the ground and go back down the hill to the farm house.” Molly Android said, “Yes, I know the way back and I'll go in the house and tell everyone what a great time that I had viewing Haley's Comet from the top of the hill and they will never know that I have been gone for several days traveling ahead in time to the 31st Century.” It will be like I was never missing.
   Molly said to Molly Android, “Are you sure that you can run my machine at the factory and will know all of my friends and relatives?” Molly Android said, “Yes, I gathered all of your life experiences telepathically from your brain last night while you were sleeping. I have every experience that you ever had in life and know everyone that you ever knew.”
   Just then Jennifer interrupted. “Come with me you two. You sound just alike by the way. I'm going to show you how to do a time slide. It's time for Molly Android to go home to the family farm.” Jennifer led them to the control room and to a small computer with a keyboard on it and she said, “We usually speak directly to our computers, but in the case of time travel we always type in the actual numbers. Then we have two people review them. There can be no margin for error.” “Sit down here Molly” she said. “Look at the screen. Across the top it says today's date, year and time. On the next line we have to fill in the blanks where we are going.
Type in the blanks. The Month 05, The Day 08, The Year 1910, The Time 2030, and destination #10 which is the assignment number I gave your family farm. We will arrive at that date and time. When our business is complete we will just type [#1 return] into the keyboard and we will return to the base here in Century 31.”
Molly said, “That wasn't very hard. When are we leaving? Jennifer said, “Right now, just press that red button next to the keyboard.”
Molly pressed the red button and then she hesitated and said, “I didn't feel anything move.” Jennifer said, “You won't feel anything because you are doing a time slide and the ship is not affected by external gravitational forces because it is in a capacitive anti gravity field and unaffected. We will be at your farm in 1910 in four hours so let's get some rest.”
   Four hours later they were parked on top of the hill at Molly Sterling's farm and the ship was in invisible mode. Jennifer, Molly, and Molly's Android Twin opened the ships hatch and descended the steps to the grass. Molly said to the Molly Android, “I think you will like it here and I have lots of nice friends. We all have great fun together on Sunday afternoons. I have a dog too and his name is Bear. I'm sure you will get along just fine. He'll be glad to see you.” Jennifer said, “We have to get back and prepare for the Mars trip.” Molly Android said, “Don't worry I'll be fine and I'll watch over your family. You can talk with me telepathically and can see what I see anytime you wish. I have to go now.” She picked up Molly's belongings from the ground and started off down the hill. Jennifer said, “Come on Molly let's get back on board the space ship. We're off to solve a problem on Mars.”
The Blue Crystals © Walt Barrett 2015
Segment 13

Molly's Android has returned to the Sterling farm in the year 1910 to replace

Molly. The android can contact Molly Sterling anytime she needs to in order to fill Molly in on any details necessary. Jennifer has ordered their ship back to the main base at Rachel Nevada in the 31st century. The return will take several hours as they will be traveling 1000 years ahead in time.
Jennifer says to Molly, “It's time I gave you a thorough tour of the ship.”
Molly is very excited and says, “Oh, I'd like that!”
Jennifer, as they walked down the corridor to an elevator. “Well then, we'll start with the flight control deck. It's two levels down” “The flight control deck is located in the center of the ship where it has the most protection. There is a duplicate flight deck located near the top decks in case this one is ever damaged for any reason. The screens in the control room are wired to cameras and sensors that tell us everything that is happening outside and inside the ship. The ship is basically manned by Android Robots, But there are always humans on standby to take over if necessary.”
Molly, “Why do you use so many Robots?”
Jennifer, “Because Robots do not require food, water, or oxygen and they work twenty-four hours a day.” “We also have a complete Robot fabrication shop on board, it's right nearby, I'll take you.”
Molly, While they are walking to the Robotics shop, “You use a lot of Robots and electric power to do the work in your daily life. If the Robots are doing all the work, What do the people that live in Rachel and other cities do?”
Jennifer, “The people do whatever they want to do. They can work, study or travel, do research, invent things, anything that you can imagine. There is no sickness or mental illness, and certainly no need for crime.”
Finally they were at the Robot shop where several Robots were busily repairing 
and servicing other Robots.
Molly asked Jennifer, “Where does all this electricity come from?”
Jennifer, “The electricity comes from the blue power crystals that collect it from
Particles that are everywhere in the Universe.”
Molly said, “How did your scientists ever discover them?”
Jennifer said, “Well In the 1960's the American space explorers traveled to the surface of the Moon and they brought back as many rock samples as possible. Among them there were several elongated bluish-green crystals ranging from very tiny to several feet in length.” Jennifer continues, “Many were too heavy and they could only save a limited number of smaller samples and one larger sample about a foot long. All of the crystals had a faint glow in the dark.”
Molly said, “That's very interesting, what happened then?”
Jennifer replied, “Well it seems that one of the Astronauts, although he wasn't supposed to, kept a small Blue Crystal for a souvenir.” “He took it home and eventually forgot about it.” “One summer in year 2020 one of that Astronauts great grand-daughters was digging around in the attic and discovered an old military foot locker.” “It contained many items from her great-grandfather's days in the space program.” “One of the items was the small blue crystal that her great-grandfather had picked up and kept while he was exploring on the Moon.”
Molly said, “That's really interesting, what happened next?”
Jennifer, “Well she was a very bright young student who was attending engineering school at MIT a local research university.” “Her name was Emma Fulton and she became famous for pioneering the blue crystal power receiver.”
After the summer was over, Emma took the blue crystal back to MIT with her so she could study it more precisely.” “Emma had no idea where it came from.”
Over the course of her electrical engineering studies at MIT Emma studied the blue crystal and discovered the crystal was glowing because it was picking up cosmic energy from space.” “It didn't take Emma very long to trace the source of the blue crystals back to the old NASA Space Center In Florida and then to the Moon where they came from.” “Emma stayed at MIT for many years and was giving her own research team.” “They used the remaining crystals recovered from NASA for serious research and eventually Developed the current unlimited power system that we have today and eventually went back to the moon to mine more crystals."
Molly was absolutely spellbound by the story of Emma Fulton and the blue power crystals. Her old farmhouse back in Lincoln, RI didn't even have electric lights or running water. Everything was done by hand. Jennifer Starfield had taken her a thousand years into the future.
Jennifer “Once we had unlimited electric power we had the power to change the World.” “With the compact, self contained blue crystal power units it allowed us to build intelligent self powered robots of all shapes and sizes.” "With all that limitless electricity we eventually developed the capacitive anti gravity drive space ship like the one we are traveling now. This led to both the ability to travel in space and time.”
© 2015 Walt Barrett
Molly's Android Returns to 1910 ©2015 Walt Barrett
Segment 14
Molly's Android found the lantern and lit it. She didn't need it because she had full infrared night vision, but she lit it in case anyone at the house was watching. Then she started off very surefooted making her way down the hill to the farm house. It was as though she had lived there all her life.
Her Bioelectronic brain fully primed with all the knowledge of the known world and very specific knowledge about Molly Stirling's family. The Stirling's will never realize that the real Molly is off exploring space a thousand years in the future in Century 31. As she reaches the barn she puts out the lantern and let it cool off a couple of minutes and then hung it up. Then she walked across the dooryard and slipped in the kitchen door. She immediately noticed a very large German Shepard dog sitting in the corner. It got up immediately and walked over to her. Molly scanned the dog and said telepathically, “You are not a dog, you're a shape shifter. What are you doing here?”
The Shape Shifter Responded, “Jennifer Starfield sent me here to watch over you and the rest of the family. They think that I have always lived here. I am also an android like you and will always have your back. Please just call me Jeff, and by the way, I have a medium size space cruiser parked on the far side of the moon with a robot crew manning the controls. It is fully protected by Android security. We can summon it any time we need it.”
Her mother, Sarah, who was still cleaning the kitchen after the evenings dinner asked, “Did you have a good time dear?” Molly answered, “Yes mom, it was wonderful up on the hill tonight. You really should come with me some time.” Molly Android stood looking at her mother. Behind her eyes where the hidden sensors were buried, Molly Android was evaluating Sarah Sterling. It only took 30 seconds to scan Sarah's entire brain and body. The evaluation came up. Sarah was 35 years old and was prematurely gray, she has had many children, she was missing 12 of her teeth, she suffered from early tuberculosis, and was generally run down from overwork and having too many children.
Molly messaged Jeff telepathically, “I just scanned her and she is in terrible shape.”
Jeff replied, “I know, and well have to help her or she won't make it another ten years.” "The whole family is in terrible condition.
Molly said, “Do you have spare medical chips on board the cruiser?”
Jeff, “Yes, we'll get them tonight when everyone is sleeping. We can call the ship and have them transported down to us along with  medical sleeper kits. They'll never know what happened. We might as well do the whole family. ”  Getting back to her mother in that split second Molly said, “Oh Mother, Haley's Comet was so beautiful! I didn't want to miss it because it won't come back for about seventy-five years. I want you to come up the hill some evening before it leaves.”
Sarah spoke softly, “Yes Molly, I promise and you better get up to bed now Molly, because 5 AM comes early and you have your morning chores to do before you walk to the mill.”
Molly, who never really slept said, “Goodnight Mom” and went up the staircase to her room. She would come back down later while everyone was asleep and she and Jeff would get the medical chip kits and apply them to the whole family while they were sleeping heavily from the effects of the knock out spray. It took them several hours to implant all of the medical chips into the entire family.
Molly said, “There, in three weeks they'll be as good as new!”
Jeff replied, Yes, but in 200 years they'll still be walking around town as good as new.”
Molly laughed and said, “Well maybe we'll just take them all back to Rachel in the future. In the meantime these people are terribly poor. Maybe we can help them to make some money.”
©2015 Walt Barrett
Segment 15
Molly learns about the GEN-6000 “Boss” computer
Jennifer Starfield's ship has landed back at Rachel city in Century 31 and is safely secured on the flight deck of the giant galaxy cruiser. They are underway to Mars. Molly, who has been performing her duties on the flight deck flawlessly thanks to the added knowledge chips in her brain is very excited about the mission to Mars.
Jennifer who has a day room office just off the flight deck summons Molly to her day room. Molly arrives in about a minute. She knocks on the door and enters the room. She looks around. There are several comfortable chairs, a large conference table and the four walls are a relaxing pale blue color. Jennifer says, “ Come in and take a seat Molly, I want to talk to you. I've had excellent duty reports regarding your job performance on the flight deck. This is a very serious mission that we are undertaking and I have to get you up to speed on the Gen-6000 Computer. We call it the “Boss” for short.”
Molly asks, “What does it do?” Jennifer responds, “The Mars operation is entirely robotic and we use the “Boss” computer to run all such remote operations. There are no humans normally stationed there for the sake of economy and efficiency. Humans need oxygen, food, water, quarters, heat and waste disposal. This is very inefficient and expensive. “We cannot be putting humans on planets where we don't really need them just because some scientist wants to visit there. We have robot explorer units for that. The “Boss” is the main computer that controls the entire mining of the Blue Crystals, the Diranium ore, the metal smelting operations and the electrical power plant. It also controls the entire security of the planet. “The “Boss” system is very efficient. And runs entirely without humans.” Jeniffer paused and said, “Do you follow me so Far?” Molly nodded, “Yes, I understand.” Jennifer continues, “The problem is that several days ago the “Boss” went silent and so did all its back ups. We have three of them there and none of them are communicating. We have to find out what the problem is because the output from the Mars operation is critical to our government. Mars is our main source of the Blue Crystals and something could be very wrong.” Jennifer continues, “I'm going to show you how to operate the “Boss” computer so pay attention. Molly says, But I don't see any computer.” Jennifer replies,”That's because it's not here in the room. It's hidden in the ships hull for security. There are several for added back up. They're fully self contained using Blue Crystal power.
It's voice activated, watch, I'll show you. Remember the commands that I use.” Jennifer Speaks, “Boss, on screen.”
The entire four pale blue walls light up into a giant display screen with the whole galaxy on display. Molly is almost speechless.
Jennifer smiles, “This is a little different from the smaller screens down in the power room. Now I want to show you some things that you can do with a “Boss” computer.” Jennifer turns to Molly and says, “I have a surprise for you.” Molly replies excitedly, What is it? Jennifer says, “We are going to visit Molly Android back on Earth at your home this morning so pay attention.” Then she speaks to the Boss computer again, “Boss, get Molly Android.”
Suddenly the screen lights up and we see Molly Android sitting at the small desk in her bedroom back on Earth. She looks into one of the hidden micro cameras that she has placed in her room and says “Ah, Commander Starfield and Cadet Stirling, how may I help you this morning? I was just getting ready to do my morning chores before walking to work at the mill.” Molly said “We'll I'll just watch while you do your chores and eat breakfast with all the family. That way I can see all of them together.” The Android replied, “That would be fine.”
Jennifer interrupted, “Molly, I have some things to attend to. I want you to stay here with the “Boss” computer and Molly Android and have a good visit watching your family. It's a good way to get used to working with the “Boss” computer. I'll check on you later.”
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