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How Jennifer Starfield healed Molly Sterling by Walt Barrett © 2014 segment 5

Segment 5   
Jennifer led Molly down a long corridor and opened the door to another room. It was just a normal size room with just one narrow padded table in the center. Jennifer told Molly to lie down on the table and relax while a piece of equipment that was fastened to the end of the table scanned her. Molly asked if she was going to be operated on and Jennifer told her that this was the 31st century and there were no more operations. Surgery had been replaced by medical implants and scanner beams several hundred years ago. The machine at the end of the bench was going to scan Molly and do the implants in a matter of minutes. When the implants were installed Molly would be healed and be much stronger and much more intelligent. She would also be an average 31st century woman who would be returning to the 21st century with the most intelligent brain and most healthy body of that time, but she could never tell anyone because there was no telling the 20th century scientists of 1910 would do to her with their experiments and as it was they couldn't even cure a common cold.
Jennifer asked Molly if she was ready and Molly said she was. Jennifer told Molly to lie still for a minute and then she turned on the scanning machine. The machine gripped Molly in a magnetic field that held here perfectly still and it began to scan her entire body.
It moved down from her head to her toes while stopping now and then and aiming different colored beams of light at her body. The medical scanner was actually beaming  fully compatible  medical micro robots and micro electronic control and memory chips directly into Molly's body. Molly would never need a doctor again.
(More details coming on the Medical Scanner soon) whb
The new Molly Sterling

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jennifer Starfield explains the situation to Molly Stirling by Walt Barrett © 2014 Segment 4

Segment 4
Jennifer explains the situation to Molly
It's 1910 and Molly Sterling doesn't know that the nice comfortable room she is sitting in is really inside a space ship that is capable of traveling backwards and forwards through time.
Jennifer asked Molly if she had ever read a book called “The Time Machine” written by H. G. Wells that was published in 1895. Molly said yes she had and it was very interesting. Jennifer asked Molly if she believed in time travel and Molly said yes. Jennifer then tells Molly that the room that they are sitting in is part of a real time machine that travels through space and it was built by a very advanced civilization that had lived on the Earth for thousands of years and that it was not like the fictional make believe time machine in the book. Jennifer was watching Molly closely and gauging her reactions to the startling disclosure she had just made to her. After all, this was 1910 and Molly's farm house didn't have electricity, indoor plumbing or running water. Molly appeared to be holding up well under the overload of new information. Jennifer Asked Molly if she believed her ship could fly through space and time and Molly said yes she did because she had climbed the hill to star gaze many times before and had seen the colored lights in the sky that could only be space ships.
Then Jennifer told Molly that she had fainted just as Jennifer's ship had landed on the hill top. Jennifer said that she was very concerned and had transported her on board the ship which was something that she did not usually do. She told Molly that she wouldn't understand, but she had done what was called an electronic medical scan of her entire body while Molly was unconscious. She told Molly there was a problem in her brain, but not to worry because it could easily be fixed and it would not hurt a bit. Molly asked what would happen if she did not cure her brain and Jennifer answered that she would eventually die.
Molly thought about that for a minute then she said that said she had better do it then, but what would she tell her parents, she had already been gone a long time. Jennifer said not to worry because after Molly was cured she would return her back to the hill top and it would be like no time has passed at all and Molly could just walk down the hill and return home like nothing ever happened. Molly decided to let Jennifer go ahead and heal her, but she wanted to know what Jennifer was going to do to her.
How Jennifer Starfield heals Molly Sterling

Who is Jennifer Starfield by Walt Barrett © 2014 Segment 3

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Now let's find out who Jennifer Starfield really is.
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Segment 3
Who Jennifer Starfield really is.
Jennifer Starfield is an ageless time traveler from the 31st century. She is from an extremely advanced civilization where every one's body is embedded with highly radical technology including micro electronic devices for medical monitoring and total treatment. Medical micro-robots, Brain implants including perfect vision and infra red vision, lightening fast reflexes, enhanced super intelligence and knowledge, limitless skill sets, photographic high speed memory and built in electronic weaponry that with one touch can render her opponents unconscious for hours.
She also has a particle physics implant which allows her to change dimensions, shapes or size and can literally walk through walls made from any material. The total weight of these micro devices is
5 grams including the power supply that is powered by particle physics technology. Jennifer's medical implants can detect any sickness, disease or injury immediately and manufacture a cure including cells as needed. She has the ability to regenerate any and all body parts. Her brain implant can manufacture unlimited brain cells and constantly maintain and upgrade her brain. She can send and receive messages telepathically anywhere in space and time including instant upgrades to her knowledge base with no time delay. It even tells her what to eat each day to supply the minerals and vitamins she needs to keep her body and electronics operating properly. Jennifer's medical electronics constantly monitor her entire body and brain and sweep it clear of any unhealthy buildups, debris, viruses, diseases or bacteria.  Jennifer Starfield is truly a person from the future.
Jennifer explains to Molly