Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jennifer Starfield - The Android Works by Walt Barrett © 2014 Segment 10

The Android Works Segment 10
by Walt Barrett © 2014
The next morning they woke up early and readied themselves for the day ahead. Jennifer said, “Be sure to bring all the clothing that you were wearing when I picked you up because we are going to the Android Works this morning.” Molly said “Yes I have it all packed and ready.” Then they transported to The Android Works which was run entirely by Androids. When they arrived they were met by an Android named Andrea who said “Welcome Jennifer, welcome Molly, please follow me to the scanning room.” Molly said to Jennifer, “She seems like a regular person to me.” And Jennifer replied, “Well basically she is exactly like a human and you could never tell the difference without special equipment.” Andrea said. “ Come into this room and lie on the scanning table. You will find it very comfortable and it's only going to take about fifteen minutes.” Molly looked at Jennifer and said, “What, another scan?” Jennifer said, “Yes, but this one is a little different. It will copy all of your physical dimensions and it will copy every memory in your brain and transfer them to the Android's new synthetic brain which will actually be more efficient than your normal brain.” Molly asked, “How will it do that?” Andrea answered, “Our scanners use magnetic field pick ups, sonar, radar and laser measuring devices to map and record your entire body inside and out. We will copy your brain and memory right down to the last molecule and your Android will know you better than you know yourself.” “Now we must get started so we can finish today.”
Andrea completed the scan on Molly and said, “ OK, Molly the Android version will deliver herself to your residence in eight hours via the transport and wait for you there.” They thanked Andrea and started towards the nearest transport booth. Jennifer said to molly, “We have to go to the Headquarters right now. I received a Telepath message from Commander Cruz while you were on the scanner.” They ducked into a transporter station at the entrance of The Android Works and Jennifer said “Space Command” and they were back in gang way of the Galaxy cruiser in an instant. Jennifer told Molly that Commander Cruz had said, “Report to the war room as soon as you arrive.”
Preparing for the War on Mars.
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A note to our readers from Walt Barrett

Jennifer Starfield is about century 31 a thousand years in the future.  Imagine, the real scoop on UFO's, no  more poverty, everyone has a decent home, free electricity and robots doing all the work.They even do the farming and deliver fresh food to your home every day.  Your body is maintained by micro robots that live in your cells and keep them new indefinitely.  Everyone has a brilliant mind because everyone's brain has a supplementary micro super computer implanted in it at birth with all the knowledge in the world already programmed into it.  It is the world of super miniaturization and you are finally free to follow whatever path in life you wish.
   There is plenty more coming including lots of action.
Please stay with us because you might get some good ideas.