Thursday, April 2, 2015

THE FLIGHT TO MARS by Walt Barrett © 2015 Walt Barrett SEGMENT 15

Segment 15
Molly learns about the GEN-6000 “Boss” computer
Jennifer Starfield's ship has landed back at Rachel city in Century 31 and is safely secured on the flight deck of the giant galaxy cruiser. They are underway to Mars. Molly, who has been performing her duties on the flight deck flawlessly thanks to the added knowledge chips in her brain is very excited about the mission to Mars.
Jennifer who has a day room office just off the flight deck summons Molly to her day room. Molly arrives in about a minute. She knocks on the door and enters the room. She looks around. There are several comfortable chairs, a large conference table and the four walls are a relaxing pale blue color. Jennifer says, “ Come in and take a seat Molly, I want to talk to you. I've had excellent duty reports regarding your job performance on the flight deck. This is a very serious mission that we are undertaking and I have to get you up to speed on the Gen-6000 Computer. We call it the “Boss” for short.”
Molly asks, “What does it do?” Jennifer responds, “The Mars operation is entirely robotic and we use the “Boss” computer to run all such remote operations. There are no humans normally stationed there for the sake of economy and efficiency. Humans need oxygen, food, water, quarters, heat and waste disposal. This is very inefficient and expensive. “We cannot be putting humans on planets where we don't really need them just because some scientist wants to visit there. We have robot explorer units for that. The “Boss” is the main computer that controls the entire mining of the Blue Crystals, the Diranium ore, the metal smelting operations and the electrical power plant. It also controls the entire security of the planet. “The “Boss” system is very efficient. And runs entirely without humans.” Jeniffer paused and said, “Do you follow me so Far?” Molly nodded, “Yes, I understand.” Jennifer continues, “The problem is that several days ago the “Boss” went silent and so did all its back ups. We have three of them there and none of them are communicating. We have to find out what the problem is because the output from the Mars operation is critical to our government. Mars is our main source of the Blue Crystals and something could be very wrong.” Jennifer continues, “I'm going to show you how to operate the “Boss” computer so pay attention. Molly says, But I don't see any computer.” Jennifer replies,”That's because it's not here in the room. It's hidden in the ships hull for security. There are several for added back up. They're fully self contained using Blue Crystal power.
It's voice activated, watch, I'll show you. Remember the commands that I use.” Jennifer Speaks, “Boss, on screen.”
The entire four pale blue walls light up into a giant display screen with the whole galaxy on display. Molly is almost speechless.
Jennifer smiles, “This is a little different from the smaller screens down in the power room. Now I want to show you some things that you can do with a “Boss” computer.” Jennifer turns to Molly and says, “I have a surprise for you.” Molly replies excitedly, What is it? Jennifer says, “We are going to visit Molly Android back on Earth at your home this morning so pay attention.” Then she speaks to the Boss computer again, “Boss, get Molly Android.”
Suddenly the screen lights up and we see Molly Android sitting at the small desk in her bedroom back on Earth. She looks into one of the hidden micro cameras that she has placed in her room and says “Ah, Commander Starfield and Cadet Stirling, how may I help you this morning? I was just getting ready to do my morning chores before walking to work at the mill.” Molly said “We'll I'll just watch while you do your chores and eat breakfast with all the family. That way I can see all of them together.” The Android replied, “That would be fine.”
Jennifer interrupted, “Molly, I have some things to attend to. I want you to stay here with the “Boss” computer and Molly Android. Have a visit with your family. It's a good way to get used to working with the “Boss” computer. I'll check on you later.”

©2015 Walt Barrett
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