Friday, September 26, 2014

Jennifer Starfield Takes Molly to Rachel, Nevada by Walt Barrett ©2014 Segment 7

Jennifer takes Molly on an adventure Segment 7
It was several days since Jennifer had first met Molly Sterling and had given Molly superhuman powers that Molly could never have dreamt of. Jennifer was parked in orbit over the farm where Molly lived in Northern Rhode Island where she could watch over her and monitor the signals that her newly integrated electrical parts were emitting. So far, Molly was OK and had not told anyone about her bizarre experience of meeting Jennifer on the top of Mound Hill several days ago.
Jennifer was getting ready to do her daily sector report to her commander back at Rachel City. Her commander was expecting her to call and she had already told him about Molly the previous morning. The commander asked Jennifer what she thought of Molly and Jennifer said that Molly was fine so far although all of her systems had not come on line yet. Jennifer reckoned it would take at least another week for all of Molly's systems to fully function. 
The commander said to bring Molly to Rachel city for a visit that evening so he could see how she reacted to the future. Jennifer said that she would do that. That afternoon while Molly was walking home she heard Jennifer's voice in her mind and Molly answered just by thinking the words. Jennifer said that they had to take a trip for the evening because there were some people that wanted to meet her. Molly said OK and that she would walk up the hill after dinner, but where were they going? Jennifer told Molly that they were going to her home city in Rachel, Nevada in the 31st century, but not to worry and she would find it very interesting.
That evening Molly walked up the hill where Jennifer was waiting for her and suddenly Molly found herself inside the space ship. The two of them went back to the salon and made themselves comfortable. Jennifer said that she wanted to explain about Rachel City and the 31st century to her. She told Molly that the city would appear very different to her mostly because they would be 1000 years into the future. Everyone had electricity now and many more machines were operated electrically. There would also be many more bright lights in the evening. This was all because some very smart scientists had figured out how to easily extract electricity from particles that were flying around freely all over the universe. Molly asked Jennifer why their headquarters were in Nevada. Molly said that she had read in a magazine that Nevada was just a big dry desert. Jennifer told Molly it was not a desert anymore and that some other smart scientists had invented machines that took in gases from the atmosphere and using all the free electricity available they could convert the atmosphere into as much water as they needed. Nevada was now full of lakes and gardens.
There were farms that were run by robots that grew and packaged

fruit and vegetables day after day and they were in many parts of the country. Most cities had their own robot fresh food gardens There was free power everywhere and no one worked anymore.  There were even robots who designed and built the robots. Everything was delivered instantly by large transport space ships that were also operated by robots. No one worked unless they wanted to. Work was now a form of recreation for those who wanted it. The robot machines were everywhere and they did everything. People were free to paint , invent, sculpt, make movies or music or do anything they wanted to do. 
 Jennifer suddenly stopped talking and said that they had arrived and it was time to tour the city and then to meet the commander.
Segment 8
Jennifer tours the city and meets the commander

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The New Molly Sterling by Walt Barrett © 2014 SEGMENT 6

The New Molly Sterling © 2014 Walt Barrett
Segment 6
Jennifer told Molly that she could get up off the scanning table now and she asked Molly how she felt. Molly said that she never felt better in her life! Jennifer said good, Let's go back to the Salon where she could relax while Jennifer explained what changes had been made to Molly's mind and body. Jennifer told Molly that now that Molly had been scanned she would be much more able to understand What Jennifer was about to tell her. She said that Molly would be gradually learning many things from the knowledge base chip that was implanted in her brain. She must keep all information about the future to herself. Jennifer said that they were on board a space ship that could travel through space , time, and dimensions. It could be made invisible at any time for security purposes and it could travel at any speed. She told Molly that she could now understand all of this technology because of the expanded memory chips in her brain.  A micro medical scanner was also implanted along with micro robots that patrolled her bloodstream through her entire body and brain. The robots were able to make instant repairs to all the organs of her body. Over the next several weeks her bones and muscles would become much stronger. The micro robots would be converting part of her food intake into exotic metals and carbon derivatives and depositing them into her bones and muscles to replace weaker materials and make her body stronger. Her skin would become cosmetically perfect and more impervious to damage. This is how all women and men were designed in the 31st century. Jennifer asked Molly if she understood and Molly said yes she did. Jennifer Told Molly that all she had to do to reach her was to think about her and call her in her mind and Jennifer would answer back with her mind. They now shared a telepathic connection. Jennifer told Molly that her current job was to patrol this sector and be aware of all the goings on.  If anything unusual happened to report it to central command at once. Molly asked Jennifer what kind of things could be happening and Jennifer answered that there could be epidemics, plagues, natural disasters, alien intruders, meteor strikes and any number of other things that she might never have heard of before. For example, in June 1908 an object was heading for a major city in Russia and Jennifer's ship was patrolling the area. It was assigned to divert the object to an uninhabited part of Siberia and blast it to bits at several miles above the Earth. It was Jennifer's job to follow orders and do whatever had to be done to end these threats.
Jennifer told Molly that she was going to send her back pretty soon, but wanted her to have an energy drink first to boost her strength.  It had been a long evening for her, being scanned and all.
A cart with two large glasses on a tray silently rolled into the salon and stopped between their chairs. Jennifer told Molly to help herself and picked up the other glass. You will find this very pleasant she told Molly. Molly tasted the drink and found it to be excellent. When they were finished Jennifer told Molly it was time for her to go home and that she would be contacting her soon. Jennifer reminded Molly never to tell anyone or they would think that she had lost her mind.
Jennifer then told Molly she was going to put her outside again and Molly was to take one last look at Halley's comet and then pick up her lantern and Jacket and walk back down the hill. She would arrive home on time like nothing had ever happened. No one would ever realize that Molly had gone missing.
Jennifer takes Molly on an adventure