Thursday, October 23, 2014

Molly The Android Returns To The Sterling Farm by Walt Barrett Segment 12

Segment 12
Molly's Android
   Molly woke up in about an hour after falling asleep in a nice soft chair in the salon. First she saw Jennifer sitting in her chair and then she looked to her right and saw her identical Android twin, except, her twin was dressed in her factory dress that she had on the night she met Jennifer. Molly heard a voice in her head say, “Hi Molly, I'm Molly Android and I'm speaking to you telepathically.”
Molly said, “I understand you and then thought back, can you understand me?”
Molly Android answered, “Yes I can.” 
   Jennifer said, “Both of you speak out loud so that I can compare your voices.” Jennifer continued, “Alright now, here's what's going to happen.” “We're going back to the Sterling Farm in 1910 on the night that Molly and I first met and Molly Android is going to gather up her things she left on the ground and go back down the hill to the farm house.” Molly Android said, “Yes, I know the way back and I'll go in the house and tell everyone what a great time that I had viewing Haley's Comet from the top of the hill and they will never know that I have been gone for several days traveling ahead in time to the 31st Century.” It will be like I was never missing.
   Molly said to Molly Android, “Are you sure that you can run my machine at the factory and will know all of my friends and relatives?” Molly Android said, “Yes, I gathered all of your life experiences telepathically from your brain last night while you were sleeping. I have every experience that you ever had in life and know everyone that you ever knew.”
   Just then Jennifer interrupted. “Come with me you two. You sound just alike by the way. I'm going to show you how to do a time slide. It's time for Molly Android to go home to the family farm.” Jennifer led them to the control room and to a small computer with a keyboard on it and she said, “We usually speak directly to our computers, but in the case of time travel we always type in the actual numbers. Then we have two people review them. There can be no margin for error.” “Sit down here Molly” she said. “Look at the screen. Across the top it says today's date, year and time. On the next line we have to fill in the blanks where we are going.
Type in the blanks. The Month 05, The Day 08, The Year 1910, The Time 2030, and destination #10 which is the assignment number I gave your family farm. We will arrive at that date and time. When our business is complete we will just type [#1 return] into the keyboard and we will return to the base here in Century 31.”
Molly said, “That wasn't very hard. When are we leaving? Jennifer said, “Right now, just press that red button next to the keyboard.”
Molly pressed the red button and then she hesitated and said, “I didn't feel anything move.” Jennifer said, “You won't feel anything because you are doing a time slide and the ship is not affected by external gravitational forces because it is in a capacitive anti gravity field and unaffected. We will be at your farm in 1910 in four hours so let's get some rest.”
   Four hours later they were parked on top of the hill at Molly Sterling's farm and the ship was in invisible mode. Jennifer, Molly, and Molly's Android Twin opened the ships hatch and descended the steps to the grass. Molly said to the Molly Android, “I think you will like it here and I have lots of nice friends. We all have great fun together on Sunday afternoons. I have a dog too and his name is Bear. I'm sure you will get along just fine. He'll be glad to see you.” Jennifer said, “We have to get back and prepare for the Mars trip.” Molly Android said, “Don't worry I'll be fine and I'll watch over your family. You can talk with me telepathically and can see what I see anytime you wish. I have to go now.” She picked up Molly's belongings from the ground and started off down the hill. Jennifer said, “Come on Molly let's get back on board the space ship. We're off to solve a problem on Mars.”