Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Request to Our Readers From Walt Barrett

   The development of Jennifer Starfield is a work in progress.  We have had 1800 readers view the post in one month and we appreciate that very much.
 If you could make a comment that they liked it, hated it, or would like some kind of changes.  We think the Character has possibilities, but need positive or negative comments to guide us in the right direction. You won't hurt our feelings.   You can comment if you wish by clicking on the Red G + below.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Possible War On Mars by Walt Barrett © 2014 Segment 11

Possible War on Mars ©2014 Walt Barrett
Earth Century 31
Segment 11
   On the way up to the war room Jennifer said, “The only real value that Mars has for us is the rare materials that we mine there. There is no atmosphere for humans to breathe and not enough gravity to hold the atmosphere even if we made one. It's very expensive to keep humans alive on an airless planet and also we don't want to pollute our own atmosphere with the toxic gases from the ore smelters so we smelt the ore here.” 
   Molly, still trying to get over the incredibly wild idea that she would be going to Mars at all asked, “Then why are we even going there? Can't you mine the materials here?” Jennifer said, “No, we cannot find any of the materials that we need to build the high voltage circuits for the cosmic particle amplifiers that we use to make power. We use very rare metals and the blue crystals.” Molly asked, “Well if people cannot live there how do you find all these materials and then mine them and load them on space ships to bring them here?” 
Jennifer replied, “Everything including the metal refining and smelting is done by advanced robotic machines there on the Planet because it's so much less expensive in the long run not have to maintain life support systems. Machines don't need an atmosphere to operate and by smelting and refining there we save a great deal of cargo space and weight.”
   They entered the war room. Admiral Cruz was talking informally with a group of officers sitting around a large conference table. Cruz stopped in mid sentence and said,
 "Captain Starfield and Cadet Sterling, welcome. Now that we are all here I will brief you on the situation. We have extensive mining and smelting operations on the planet Mars and we have lost contact with the robot ground operations and the orbiting security ships.” Admiral Cruz continued, “Mars is one of our prime sources of the giant blue carbon crystals that we use in our water recombining machines and in our power generators. There's something going on there and we have to take a galaxy class battle cruiser to be on the safe side and see what's going on. Does anyone have any questions?”
   Jennifer asked, “Could this mean that we are going to be at war Admiral?” Cruz said, "There's always that possibility, unless it turns out that there has been a major power breakdown and if that's the case we'll have to repair it.”
   Admiral Cruz stood up and said, “Captain Starfield will be the mission leader and if that is all then we'll get on with the preparations. We leave in one week and in the meantime Captain Starfield will return to 1910 and put the Molly Stirling replacement Android in place. That will be all for now people.”
   Jennifer said to Molly, "Lets go to patrol cruiser and make sure it's
fully stocked, armed, and ready. After we return the Molly Android we will bring my cruiser here and store it on board in the main hanger.”
Jennifer said, “My patrol cruiser is parked right nearby and we can transport over to save time. We can have the Molly Android transported directly to my patrol cruiser from the Android Works.”
   They transported directly to the control room of Jennifer's cruiser where they were met by an Android crew member.
Jennifer Said, “Molly, this is Lieutenant Greg. He is my first officer and you will find him very helpful.” Molly said, “Hello Lt Greg, it's very nice to meet you.” Greg Replied, “And you the same Cadet Sterling.”
Jennifer said, “Greg knows everything there is to know about all the spaceships in the fleet. It is built into his circuits as we have built it into your brain upgrades. As we travel he and I will familiarize you with the entire ship including how to navigate and maneuver it.
We are waiting for Molly's twin Android to arrive from the Android Works and then we will be setting course for Earth, 1910, the night that we picked her up. Make the time 8 PM. Please see that everything is ready.”
   Jennifer turned to Molly and said, “Now Molly, Your Android copy will be arriving soon. It's going to be like having an identical twin sister. Don't let that throw you. The only difference is that she will have all of your memories since childhood, she will know all of your secrets and she also will have all of the advanced circuits that the rest of us have built into our brains. When she walks down that hill back to the farm your family will never tell the difference from you. She will be you. She knows when to get up in the morning, exactly what she is supposed to do and where to walk to get to work. She already knows everyone that you know and by their first name. She also can do your job better than you can and she never gets tired. I want the two of you to spend some time together so she can study the finer details of your voice and mannerisms."
   Molly, being a very bright person said, “Don't worry, I understand completely. This enhanced brain treatment that you have given me is excellent. I could never go back to the way that I was."
Jennifer said, “Great, Your new twin will be here in about an hour. In the meantime you can get some rest.”
Molly's Android goes back to 1910

Molly's Family Farm in 1910

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Second Note To Our Readers from Walt Barrett © 2014 note 2

   I want to thank everyone who has read or participated in this ongoing Book/Screenplay at this time and would just like to say that it is subject to changes in the near future as it is subject to more editing and possibly rearranging.  A book is one thing and a screen play is entirely another.  I am writing it live because I am keeping track of the numbers of people reading each segment.  I am also listening to any suggestions or other inputs.  It also keeps me "Under The Gun." so to speak which helps me to speed the process along.
   Although I am addressing some very advanced technology here at times and interaction between adults I am writing to a "Family Audience" because I want children to be able to either read it, or have it read to them by their parents.  I want both children and their parents to have a glimpse as far as thousand years into the future and  let their imaginations run wild.  To do this without boring people out of their minds is a tall order and that's why there will be lots of editing before the project is over. It is not a romance novel and it's not like a film where you can dazzle people with loud noise and special effects. I'll leave that for the major studio that is picking up the film rights.  
   I am open to any suggestions or ideas and we are also seeking suppliers for action figures and accessories for Jennifer, Molly, and the rest of the cast.  Please write to me at:
These projects are never easy!
Thank you very much,