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Molly's Android Returns to 1910 ©2015 Walt Barrett
Segment 14
Molly's Android found the lantern and lit it. She didn't need it because she had full infrared night vision, but she lit it in case anyone at the house was watching. Then she started off very surefooted making her way down the hill to the farm house. It was as though she had lived there all her life.
Her Bioelectronic brain fully primed with all the knowledge of the known world and very specific knowledge about Molly Stirling's family. The Stirling's will never realize that the real Molly is off exploring space a thousand years in the future in Century 31. As she reaches the barn she puts out the lantern and let it cool off a couple of minutes and then hung it up. Then she walked across the dooryard and slipped in the kitchen door. She immediately noticed a very large German Shepard dog sitting in the corner. It got up immediately and walked over to her. Molly scanned the dog and said telepathically, “You are not a dog, you're a shape shifter. What are you doing here?”
The Shape Shifter Responded, “Jennifer Starfield sent me here to watch over you and the rest of the family. They think that I have always lived here. I am also an android like you and will always have your back. Please just call me Jeff, and by the way, I have a medium size space cruiser parked on the far side of the moon with a robot crew manning the controls. It is fully protected by Android security. We can summon it any time we need it.”
Her mother, Sarah, who was still cleaning the kitchen after the evenings dinner asked, “Did you have a good time dear?” Molly answered, “Yes mom, it was wonderful up on the hill tonight. You really should come with me some time.” Molly Android stood looking at her mother. Behind her eyes where the hidden sensors were buried, Molly Android was evaluating Sarah Sterling. It only took 30 seconds to scan Sarah's entire brain and body. The evaluation came up. Sarah was 35 years old and was prematurely gray, she has had many children, she was missing 12 of her teeth, she suffered from early tuberculosis, and was generally run down from overwork and having too many children.
Molly messaged Jeff telepathically, “I just scanned her and she is in terrible shape.”
Jeff replied, “I know, and well have to help her or she won't make it another ten years.” "The whole family is in terrible condition.
Molly said, “Do you have spare medical chips on board the cruiser?”
Jeff, “Yes, we'll get them tonight when everyone is sleeping. We can call the ship and have them transported down to us along with  medical sleeper kits. They'll never know what happened. We might as well do the whole family. ”  Getting back to her mother in that split second Molly said, “Oh Mother, Haley's Comet was so beautiful! I didn't want to miss it because it won't come back for about seventy-five years. I want you to come up the hill some evening before it leaves.”
Sarah spoke softly, “Yes Molly, I promise and you better get up to bed now Molly, because 5 AM comes early and you have your morning chores to do before you walk to the mill.”
Molly, who never really slept said, “Goodnight Mom” and went up the staircase to her room. She would come back down later while everyone was asleep and she and Jeff would get the medical chip kits and apply them to the whole family while they were sleeping heavily from the effects of the knock out spray. It took them several hours to implant all of the medical chips into the entire family.
Molly said, “There, in three weeks they'll be as good as new!”
Jeff replied, Yes, but in 200 years they'll still be walking around town as good as new.”
Molly laughed and said, “Well maybe we'll just take them all back to Rachel in the future. In the meantime these people are terribly poor. Maybe we can help them to make some money.”
©2015 Walt Barrett

Thursday, February 19, 2015

THE BLUE CRYSTALS by Walt Barrett © 2015 SEGMENT 13

The Blue Crystals © Walt Barrett 2015
Segment 13

Molly's Android has returned to the Sterling farm in the year 1910 to replace

Molly. The android can contact Molly Sterling anytime she needs to in order to fill Molly in on any details necessary. Jennifer has ordered their ship back to the main base at Rachel Nevada in the 31st century. The return will take several hours as they will be traveling 1000 years ahead in time.
Jennifer says to Molly, “It's time I gave you a thorough tour of the ship.”
Molly is very excited and says, “Oh, I'd like that!”
Jennifer, as they walked down the corridor to an elevator. “Well then, we'll start with the flight control deck. It's two levels down” “The flight control deck is located in the center of the ship where it has the most protection. There is a duplicate flight deck located near the top decks in case this one is ever damaged for any reason. The screens in the control room are wired to cameras and sensors that tell us everything that is happening outside and inside the ship. The ship is basically manned by Android Robots, But there are always humans on standby to take over if necessary.”
Molly, “Why do you use so many Robots?”
Jennifer, “Because Robots do not require food, water, or oxygen and they work twenty-four hours a day.” “We also have a complete Robot fabrication shop on board, it's right nearby, I'll take you.”
Molly, While they are walking to the Robotics shop, “You use a lot of Robots and electric power to do the work in your daily life. If the Robots are doing all the work, What do the people that live in Rachel and other cities do?”
Jennifer, “The people do whatever they want to do. They can work, study or travel, do research, invent things, anything that you can imagine. There is no sickness or mental illness, and certainly no need for crime.”
Finally they were at the Robot shop where several Robots were busily repairing 
and servicing other Robots.
Molly asked Jennifer, “Where does all this electricity come from?”
Jennifer, “The electricity comes from the blue power crystals that collect it from
Particles that are everywhere in the universe.”
Molly said, “How did your scientists ever discover them?”
Jennifer said, “Well In the 1960's the American space explorers traveled to the surface of the Moon and they brought back as many rock samples as possible. Among them there were several elongated bluish-green crystals ranging from very tiny to several feet in length.” Jennifer continues, “Many were too heavy and they could only save a limited number of smaller samples and one larger sample about a foot long. All of the crystals had a faint glow in the dark.”
Molly said, “That's very interesting, what happened then?”
Jennifer replied, “Well it seems that one of the Astronauts, although he wasn't supposed to, kept a small Blue Crystal for a souvenir.” “He took it home and eventually forgot about it.” “One summer in year 2020 one of that Astronauts great grand-daughters was digging around in the attic and discovered an old military foot locker.” “It contained many items from her great-grandfather's days in the space program.” “One of the items was the small blue crystal that her great-grandfather had picked up and kept while he was exploring on the Moon.”
Molly said, “That's really interesting, what happened next?”
Jennifer, “Well she was a very bright young student who was attending engineering school at MIT a local research university.” “Her name was Emma Fulton and she became famous for pioneering the blue crystal power receiver.”
After the summer was over, Emma took the blue crystal back to MIT with her so she could study it more precisely.” “Emma had no idea where it came from.”
Over the course of her electrical engineering studies at MIT Emma studied the blue crystal and discovered the crystal was glowing because it was picking up cosmic energy from space.” “It didn't take Emma very long to trace the source of the blue crystals back to the old NASA Space Center In Florida and then to the Moon where they came from.” “Emma stayed at MIT for many years and was giving her own research team.” “They used the remaining crystals recovered from NASA for serious research and eventually Developed the current unlimited power system that we have today and eventually went back to the moon to mine more crystals."
Molly was absolutely spellbound by the story of Emma Fulton and the blue power crystals. Her old farmhouse back in Lincoln, RI didn't even have electric lights or running water. Everything was done by hand. Jennifer Starfield had taken her a thousand years into the future.
Jennifer “Once we had unlimited electric power we had the power to change the World.” “With the compact, self contained blue crystal power units it allowed us to build intelligent self powered robots of all shapes and sizes.” "With all that limitless electricity we eventually developed the capacitive anti gravity drive space ship like the one we are travelling now now. This led to both the ability to travel in space and time.”
© 2015 Walt Barrett