Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Adventures of Jennifer Starfield - Molly Sterling checks on the family back home. Segment 16 by Walt Barrett © 2015

Segment 16 page 49 © 2015 Walt Barrett

Molly continued on talking to Molly Android back on Earth. It seems that the medical repair chips the androids had implanted in her family were working were working just fine and her family was looking better and getting stronger every day. Molly's father was feeling so much better that he was getting many inspirational ideas to make the farm run more efficiently. The family was starting to get ahead financially.
It seems that Mr. Stirling had invented a wind powered turbine that powered a dynamo that pumped water and lit lights for their home and when other people found out about many wealthy residents of the area when they found out they wanted the system and it was
selling rapidly throughout the southern new england areas that were still without electricity. He was getting rich! Sterling had contracted several manufacturers to build the parts that he was designing. He then had his own people assembling the parts in a rented factory.
In actuality, Molly Android was keeping him just far enough out in front of the current technology to get rich without arousing the suspicion of the scientists of the day. She was feeding electric impulses into his brain as he slept. The electronic chips that the androids had implanted in him were starting to educate him in advanced technologies. It would not be long before she introduced him to the world of subcontracting where he could design the various parts he needed and let someone else worry about making them. It would not be long before he built an assembly plant that would build the various products that he would invent. Molly Android was certainly taking very good care of the Sterling family!
Meanwhile, Molly Sterling back on the spaceship heading for Mars was very pleased to hear all the good news from Molly Android back on earth in 1910.
Just then Jennifer returned to the day room and said, I see that you are getting used to working with the “Boss Computer.” Molly replied, “Yes well it's really quite simple, all I have to do is talk to it and tell it what I need.” Jennifer said,” the main thing to remember is that each “Boss Computer” is always in contact with every other computer in our entire system and the “Boss” can locate any of our human or robot crew at all times. If you ever have an emergency you can mentally signal the “Boss” at all times.”