Friday, May 1, 2015

The Adventures of Jennifer Starfield - Closing in on Mars by Walt Barrett Segment 17 © 2015

  June 15 2015 I am feeling much better and this segment has been added to and re edited.
Right now we are in the 31st century and about to orbit Mars.  Our ship and all of our computers are the "Boss" type which are the most powerful AI computers in the Universe and having human intelligence.
Now we resume our story.
 Jennifer has returned to her day room where Molly is just finishing up her conversation with her android twin back on Earth back in 1910.
Jennifer says, "Come on Molly, I have some Androids that I want you to meet."
Molly, getting to her feet says, "Where are we going?" Jennifer replies, "To the Android weapons and technicians bay. I want you to meet the squadron that I have activated through the Boss computer to solve whatever the problem is on Mars."  They took the lift down several levels to the weapons and technicians bay and walked down the corridor. Jennifer pressed a button next to a very large sliding door. The door slid silently into the wall that was surrounding it.  Molly stared into the open door and was startled to see that the room appeared to be empty.  "What's going on" she said,"the room is empty!" Jennifer laughed, "I just thought that I would give you little surprise.  Imagine how our uninvited guests are going to feel. OK, Androids, make yourself visible."  Suddenly the room was filled with the strangest collection of machine/creatures that Molly had ever seen. There were no machines like these in the factories back in Saylesville.  It was frightening to her!  Jennifer said "Don't be afraid Molly.  Our Androids won't hurt you. They all can make themselves invisible and they are also shape shifters with four pairs of eye sensors for 360 degree infrared range finding night or day vision. They each also have a built in Boss computer and unlimited power from double backup Blue Crystal power packs. And they can get in and out of tight places when necessary. There is no way to hide from them.
"Molly said "It's a good thing that you enhanced my brain with that special chip or I wouldn't have the vaguest idea what you are talking about!"
Jennifer laughed, "I want you to meet the leader android that you will be monitoring during the scouting mission to the blue crystal mining complex.  Come on over here and meet Probus 1." Jennifer is pointing to a round globe shaped android that is hovering several feet above the deck.
Jennifer says, "Probus,  I want you to meet Molly Sterling. She also has a twin Molly Stirling android  back on Earth in 1910."  Probus responds in a friendly voice, "Hello Molly Sterling.  I'm very pleased to meet you and I have you and your android down as a friend in my memory. I will track you and protect you. So will all the other Boss computers. We are all linked together. I know that Commander Starfield shared that information with you.It will be a pleasure to serve with you."
Molly replies, "Thank you Probus."
Jennifer says, "Well we are going to be in full alert orbit around Mars in approximately four hours.  At that time Probus I want you to take 100 invisible, fully combat ready scouts, use the automated planet search program and search the entire planet for any signs of  life, other space ships, androids or anything else out of the ordinary and report it at once. Do not harm any one.  We just want to find out what's going on down there. Now go ahead and brief your scouts and be leave as soon as possible.